List of measures and instruments

I m p l e m Structural Integr. of Gender Equality Engaging Leader- ship Flexibility, Time and Work Life Presence and Visibility Gender-inclusive/ Gender-sensitive Organizat. Culture Gender Dimension in Research and Education
120% support Grant 💡 X X
5-yearly Review of Employment Conditions at CERN 💡 X
Advice by international gender experts 💡 X X
Anonymized Application Procedures 💡 X X X
Athéna - Programme d'Études Anticipées 💡 X X
Awareness-raising activities 💡 💡 X X
Awareness-raising activities within head office and review boards 💡 💡 X X
Bias Literacy Program 💡 X
Café con astrónomas 💡 X X
Career Steps OPPORTUNITIES - Road Show 💡 X X
Central Equal Opportunities Officer 💡 💡 💡 X X
Certificate audit "workandfamily" 💡 💡 💡 X
Childcare 💡 💡 X
Coaching in Cases of Sexual Discrimination 💡 💡 💡 X X X
Code of Conduct for the Max Planck Society 💡 💡 💡 X X X
Conferences for undergraduate Women in Physics 💡 X X
Creating Futures in Science - workshop 💡 X X
Directive for tendering scientific positions 💡 X X
Diversity training in the context of research funding 💡 X
Do STEM - exhibition 💡 X X X
Dual Career Service 💡 💡 X
Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg 💡 X
Employee Survey 💡 X
Equality on the intranet 💡 X X X
Exploring Gender and Culture - workshop 💡 X
Family+ 💡 💡 X X X
Family leave 💡 💡 💡 X X X
Family portal 💡 X X
Female friendly graduate department questionnaire 💡 X
Female scientists at the top - TU-cofund qualification programme 💡 X X
Femtec. Promoting Talents 💡 X
fiMINT: Women in Maths, Computer Science, Science and Technology 💡 X X
Gender Equality Grant 💡 X
Gender Equality Officers - in the Institutes and Sections 💡 💡 💡 X X
Gender in Physics - Workshop 💡 X
Gender in science genSET - online platform 💡 X
Gender-disaggregated data collection 💡 💡 X
Gender-inclusive / Gender-neutral Language 💡 💡 X X X
GENERA Gender in Physics Days 💡
GENIS LAB - The Gender in Science and Technology LAB 💡 💡 💡 X X X
German female physicists conference (GFPC) 💡 X X
Girl´s Day- Girl´s Future Day 💡 X X
House of little researchers 💡 X
I Will Be a Professor! Girls' Introduction to an Academic Career Path 💡 X
Ideas Competition for the Promotion of Women 💡 X X X
Individually drafted contract agreements 💡 💡 X X
Information on post-doc opportunities and financial support for traveling 💡 X X X X
Initiative "Chefsache" Drive the Change - For Men and Women - Network 💡 💡 X X
International Geneva Gender Champion Initiative 💡 💡 X X
International High School Teacher Programme - Gender Inclusive Teaching Workgroup 💡 X
Intersectionality in Gender Equality Policies for Physics 💡 💡 💡 X
Israeli Women post-doc data base 💡 X
Kid´s University 💡 X
KLeVer - A Project within the Gender Mainstreaming Process 💡 X X X X
Leadership Accountability 💡 💡 X X
Lise Meitner Excellence Programme 💡 X
Management Programme for Female Professors and Managers 💡 💡 X X
Managing motherhood and scientific career 💡 X X X
M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship 💡 X
Maria Goeppert Mayer Award 💡 X
Maternity Protection in the Laboratory 💡 X
Meetings of graduate students with returning scientists 💡 X
Meine Heine-Frau - project and broschure 💡 X X
MeMPhys - Mentoring in Mathematics and Physics 💡 X
Mentorat Releve 💡 X
Mentoring programme X-Ment 💡 X
MINERVA (W2) Programme/Max Planck Research Group Leaders 💡 X
MinTU- Girls at the Technical University Dortmund 💡 X
Mission Strategy FOM 💡 X X X
Mobile emergency-supporting child care tool 💡 X X
Nawi-Lola-Learning in Laboratories for girls 💡 X
No-cost Extensions 💡 X X
NWO Physics/f grants (former FOm/f) - Funding programme for female physicists 💡 X
Observations in evaluation panels 💡 💡 X X
Organisation of Gender Mainstreaming workshops and seminars 💡 💡 X X X
Parental leave with occupational activity - work time models 💡 X X
Parity-Based Committee on Questions of Gender Equality 💡 💡 💡 X
Participatory Modeling 💡 💡 X X
Performance-Based Funding 💡 X
Permanent Presidential Committee 'Chances' 💡 X X
Ph.D. programme for female scientists 💡 💡 💡 X X
PhySch- Physics and School Teach-Learn-Laboratory 💡 X
Physics Project Days - A Girls-Only Workshop 💡 X
Physiscope 💡 X
PiA- Physics in advent 💡 X
PME Child Care Service 💡 X
Post Career Break Fellowship 💡 💡 💡 X X
Post-doctoral award for women in science 💡 X
PraktikumsInfoBörse - Internship database 💡 X
Professeure 💡 💡 💡 X
PROfessorin 💡 💡 X X
ProMotion 💡 X
Regulars' table at KIT 💡 X X
ROBERTA - Learning with robots 💡 X X
School competition "Women in Physics, stereotypes and gender bias" 💡 X X
Seminar: "Identifying, Developing and Keeping talented Persons" 💡 X
Sign up! Career building programme for female postdocs 💡 X
Site Visits 💡 X X
Springboard for Women in Business Initiative 💡 X
Stakeholder Engagement 💡 X X X
Subside Tremplin 💡 X X X
Targets for women award holders and positive action 💡 X
TeamUp - programme 💡 X X
Technology Needs Diversity - Technology Needs You! 💡 X
The International Post-Doc Initiative - IPODI 💡 X X
Time Flexibility 💡 💡 X X
Transitional Funding for Female Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers 💡 X
Unconscious bias training 💡 X X
UniMento - cross-faculty mentoring programme 💡 💡 X X X
Website - Equal Opportunities 💡 X X
WiN Portal (Female scientists in the network) 💡 X
Wolke 7 ("Cloud 9") - Physics Club for Girls 💡 X
Women in Physics LinkedIn 💡 X
Women's promotion needs sustainability 💡 💡 💡 X X X
Workshop Gender Sensitisation 💡 X X
Young Female Leaders in Science 💡 X X
Zdi-Campus - Girls try out STEM-fields 💡 X

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