Title: Observations in evaluation panels1)
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
Objectives:The objective of gender equality observations in evaluation panels is to examine and unveil any differences in the evaluation process for funding applications with regard to gender, since they are often subtle and difficult to identify.
Target Group(s): Management and Leadership
Description: Since 2008, the Swedish Research Council has been conducting biannual gender equality observations in selected evaluation panels. Two out of three reports are available in English and contain conclusions and recommendations from the gender equality observations. A new series of observations is being conducted in 2016 by VR, with a report foreseen for publication in 2017.
The purpose of the observations is not to reveal how particular panels or individual panel members behave and relate to gender issues, but rather to discern significant patterns. To date, the observations have led to the production of a series of recommendations on how the evaluation process can be developed and improved in order to attain a higher level of gender equality. Furthermore, the reports from the gender equality observations are used in the training for review panels, by decision-making bodies, and by research council staff.
More information:Swedish Research Council (VR) (Sweden)
Website: https://www.vr.se/english/just-now/news/news-archive/news/2018-11-23-gender-equality-observations-in-the-swedish-research-councils-review-panels.html
Science Europe (2017): Practical Guide to Improving Gender Equality in Research Organizations; online available: https://eige.europa.eu/sites/default/files/se_gender_practical-guide.pdf

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