GENERA Network originated from the EU-funded GENERA project and its vision is to support, coordinate and improve gender equality policies in physics research organisations in Europe and world-wide:

  • GENERA Network supports its Members and Friends with the transition to an environment for learning, teaching and research in physics that is equally attractive and supportive to all genders, at each stage of their education and career path.
  • GENERA Network provides its Members and Friends with access to expertise on methods to improve gender balance in research content, process, and impact, where evidence shows that balanced gender teams can improve collective intelligence and performance, as well as provide opportunities to identify new markets for science knowledge where gender can differentiate quality of research and innovation outcomes.
  • GENERA Network advances, for its Members and Friends, an approach of community of practice by providing for collective responses to shared and well-evidenced specific gender issues, such as the retention of women already in the system and mobility of dual-career couples as well as gender bias and discrimination.
  • GENERA Network provides its Members and Friends with the opportunity to improve the gender balance in university enrolment in physics, by ensuring that gender considerations, such as gender stereotyping of job roles, are properly integrated into advocacy and outreach activities are designed to promote the value of physics education and awareness of opportunities for physics-related employment and careers.
  • GENERA Network provides a common framework for its Members and Friends for the collection of gender data in physics at the individual institutional level, and for sharing the results across the network to enable comparative analyses for physics.
  • GENERA Network collectively contributes to the policy making for improvement of the gender balance in the European Research Area.

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