Title: GENERA Gender in Physics Days
Field of Action * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Engaging Leadership
* Gender-inclusive / Gender-sensitive Organizational Culture
Objectives:The aim of Gender in Physics Days (GiPD) is to raise awareness on gender equality issues and enhance structural changes in RPO/RFO/HEI. The GiPD thus provide a great opportunity for institutions to learn from each other and exchange experiences following a best practice approach.
The objectives in particular are:
* to build a collaborative network on gender equality among RPO/RFO/HEI
* to highlight gaps between gender equality policies and the status quo
* to focus on barriers and challenges to gender equality
* to propose innovative ideas for gender equality measures
* to communicate successful and unsuccessful approaches
* to focus on GEP application and implementation in RPOs/RFOs/HEIs
Each organization has to define its aims for this event individually and tailor the objectives and agenda specific to the purposes of the organization.
Target Group(s): * Pupils
* Students (undergraduate and graduate)
* PhD students, PhD candidates and research assistants
* Postdocs and mid-career scientific personnel
* Professors
* Management and leadership
* + persons from outside the organization
Description: Since October 2016, a total of eight national GiPD took place in the framework of GENERA project. The program and format of each GiPD were different, thus nicely reflecting the cultural differences and the advancement of gender equality in the national or regional physics community. Following the organizational priorities each GENERA partner has chosen one or more topics for workshops, panel discussions or presentations. In the preparation phase they have had a catalogue of topics1) of which they could chose:
* Recruitment and Retention
* Work Environment and Work-Life-Balance
* Careers and Progression
* GEP Status and Implementation
* Structural and Cultural Change in Practice
* Gender inclusive Culture/Gender Awareness
* Barriers against Gender Equality Measures
* etc.
* Duration: a full one day event is recommended by partners, possible to expand it even to two or more days. Another possibility is to shorten it into half a day or only few hours for a workshop. It depends on the aims and program, but in order to ensure an active participation and high number of participations it would help to suit to the circumstances of participants.
* Presence and Visibility: ensure full visibility to the event with a strong internal and external communication strategy.
* Content: the program and content of each GiPD depend on the aspirations of the organization. It is recommended to mix up theoretical inputs with practical working phases as well as to leave open spaces for discussions/exchange.
More information:Please have a look at the GENERA Website to check out the results of the Gender-in-Physics Days organized during the GENERA project:
or for more details please consult the Concept for Gender in Physics Days
see GENERA Status Report on Gender in involved RPOs and RFOs including the Gender-in-Physics Days concept and results of the data collection, p. 42-46

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