Title: I Will Be a Professor! Girls' Introduction to an Academic Career Path
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Acquisition and Promotion of talented young people for science
* Recruitment
Target Group(s): Pupils
Female students (prospective students)
Description: The project “'I Will Be a Professor!' Girls' Introduction to an Academic Career Path” at Bergische Universität Wuppertal offers 1-3-week practical placements at the university for exceptionally talented, high-performing and motivated girls in the senior years of secondary school. This measure is designed to provide career orientation, raise awareness about the job of university professors as an attractive career option and present this choice as an attainable career goal.
The university offers girls a first encounter with the career choice. They gain insight into research and teaching in different fields, and have the chance to sit in e.g. lectures, seminars, practical exercises, experiments, excursions. Girls get in direct contact with professors (both women and men), talk to university staff and students, and get qualified advice on courses of study and career paths, important information about a job profile and goal-oriented future planning.
Practical experience places are directly attached to the chairs of professors in various departments, with a focus on science and engineering subjects. Participants are required to display a strong interest in the academic profession and, preferably, an interest in natural sciences and engineering. Placements are only available during class hours and last for one to three weeks.
The selected participants are given an orientation guide and form for their school to help them prepare for their stay. On the first day of the placement they are welcomed by the project team and introduced to the topic. They receive a folder containing relevant information about the university, studying and academic careers. In the last week of the placement there is a final get-together where participants can discuss their experiences. For quality assurance purposes, a short written feedback survey is carried out.
Applications must apply to the Equal Opportunity Officer at least six weeks before the preferred start of the placement.
More information:University of Wuppertal (Germany)
Contact: gleichstellung@uni-wuppertal.de
Website: http://www.gleichstellung.uni-wuppertal.de/projekte/nachwuchsgewinnung/ich-werde-professorin.html

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