Title:Gender Equality Officers - in the Institutes and Sections
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
Objectives:* Advice and support function both for her facility and for individual employees
* Supporting the Institute's management in the preparation of the equal opportunities policy (gender equality plan)
* Equality-oriented monitoring of application procedures
Target Group(s): Management and Leadership
Description: The Gender Equality Officers from each section (1. Biological-Medical Section, 2. Chemical-Physical-Technical Section, 3. Humanities, Social Sciences and Humanities Section) select from their midst one Gender Equality Officer and two deputies for the respective Section. The term of office is two years.
The Section Gender Equality Officers play an important role in achieving equal opportunities between the sexes in the Max Planck Society. They support the research organization and its agents in the gender-sensitive execution of all internal and external processes at Section-level.
The Section Gender Equality Officer or one or both of the deputies monitor the appointment and admission procedures which concern positions with leadership responsibilities. This applies to the scientific positions in pay groups W2 and W3. Furthermore, the position involves the participation in meetings of governing bodies on the Section-level, Section meetings, Scientific Council and the Perspective Commission.
Female employees in secret ballot elect the Equal Opportunities Officers in the institutes for a term of four years.
Tasks of the Max Planck Equal Opportunities Officers are:
* Supporting the Institute's management in developing objectives for gender equality and the development of a suitable gender equality strategy.
* Supporting the Institute's management in the preparation of the equal opportunities policy (gender equality plan)
* advisory and support function for their institution as well as for individual employees
* Monitoring of application procedures
The work of a local equal opportunities officer is performed on a voluntary basis. The Gender Equality Officer performs the duties of her office during regular working hours and to this extent she is released from her other work. The Gender Equality Officer can take part in further training and seminars related to her duties. Applications to undertake business travel as part of her duties cannot be refused. The Institute or facility will bear the cost of the Gender Equality Officer's work.
The gender equality guidelines stipulate that the Gender Equality Officer must be given the requisite personnel resources, space and equipment. Ideally, she should have her own office, as she may have to conduct private conversations and work with confidential material. In addition, each equal opportunity officer has a special legal status within the organization.
* The Gender Equality Officer is not bound by instruction in the execution of her duties
* She has a basic right to express her opinion to the institute management and to be heard by the management (right of report, right of initiative, right of objection)
* Comprehensive and detailed information at an early stage on all internal processes of the institute
The Gender Equality Officer must submit any written objections to the Institute Management within one week of becoming aware of the matter in question, and such objections have a suspensive effect. The Institute Management must address the matter within one month and either accept the objection or reject it in the form of a written justification. The Gender Equality Officer can convene a meeting of the Institute on the subject of “gender equality” at least once a year. The management of the facility must be informed in advance.
More information:Max-Planck-Gesellschaft e. V. (Germany)
Contact: zgb@gv.mpg.de

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