Planning - Action - Monitoring

  • The PAM Tool can be used to find measures, indicators and targets for Gender Equality Plans.
  • The PAM Tool is a tool for monitoring as well as for guiding actions for more gender equality in physics.
  • It is a tool for Implementation Managers and people responsible for the design and implementation of a GEP or Gender Equality Measures in research institutions in physics.
  • The PAM Tool is intended to be used within organizations. All measures and indicators are defined from an organization’s view.
  • The PAM Tool is work in progress. It is based on currently existing indicators as well as the experience of the authors.

Download the entire PAM Tool as pdf document

Background and aims of the PAM tool

Measures Find measures to improve on Gender equality in your institution

Targets Find out to which targets your measures may contribute

Indicators Find indicators to specify targets and to monitor change

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