GENERA Roadmap - customize Gender Equality Plans

Overview of the implementation process

The GENERA Roadmap provides a guideline through the design and implementation of a Gender Equality Plan until its final evaluation. The steps involved in the process are not arbitrary, but reflect models used in theories of organisational change and change processes, as well as policy analysis (Krüger, 2006 1); Kotter International 2), 2017; Jann & Wegrich, 2014 3)). Within the GENERA Project, the process leading to a sustainable GEP involves six distinct steps, which are directly connected with the support of the top-level of management and leadership and the Implementation Team.

The Basis1. Learn2. Analyse3. Design4. Implement5. Monitor & Adjust6. Final Evaluation

Figure 1: Based on: EIGE, 2016 4); Weber, 2016 5); WGEA, 2014 6)

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