GENERA Roadmap Step 5:

Monitor & Adjust


In the fifth step, you check the impact of the implemented measures after a certain period. The period can be chosen according to the needs of your organisation but it should be done regularly (e.g. every year).

In particular, you should monitor the objectives and measures defined in the GEP to see what has been achieved so far, and conduct critical analysis when expected progress has not been achieved to identify appropriate adjustments. These conclusions should be reported in a monitoring report, which will be published internally, within the organisation or externally without detailed figures.

Key Actions

  • Ask:
    Which objectives were set up in the GEP and which measures were conducted in order to achieve these objectives?
    Is there a monitoring procedure in place?
    If so, how can it be improved? If not, how it can be established?
  • Identify where and how measures are being implemented
    Where and how were the measures implemented?
    What went well, what went wrong?
    What is the outcome of each measure?
  • Identity the direction you are going with the GEP and the gender equality measures therein
    Are you still on the right path?
    Indicate significant achievements (with explanatory statements)?
    Indicate failures (with explanatory statements)?

  • Monitor the financial aspects of each measure
    How was the implementation of the measures financed so far?
    Will it also be possible the same way in the future?
    How much did the organisation spend on gender equality measures?
  • Monitor the personal resources
    Which units/departments were involved in the implementation of the measures in the GEP?
    How many persons worked together on implementation of the measures?
  • Establish indicators to assess measures, adapt them to the purposes of the measures
  • Identify potential sources of resistance
    Was there any resistance from line managers or employees to implementing particular measures?

Hints & Resources

  • Use the exchange with the Implementation Team and all persons involved in implementing gender equality measures
  • Use this mutual-learning approach to keep going on with the implementation process
  • Further resources:

Individual Conditions

  • What is specific for your organisation regarding Step 5: Monitor & Adjust? Please record here (documentation of important steps, experiences, successes, challenges, solution approaches, etc.)

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