GENERA Roadmap - Step 4:



The next step after preparing the customized GEP is implementation. The agreed on implementation measures should reflect the focus of GENERA, namely gender equality in the field of physics and systematic transformation of organisational structures in physics institutions. Agreement is needed from the top-level of management and leadership and the Implementation Team on the main priorities and achievements.

The aims of the GEP, and of the formulated measures to promote gender equality, should cross-reference the strategic goals of the organisation and the existing structural conditions. This will increase the acceptance and the visibility of the GEP within the organisation. The contents of the GEP can be used as references for funding proposals, scientific applications, events and/or reporting.

After ensuring support for the implementation from all the involved units/departments and decision makers, the next step is to allocate tasks and responsibilities.

Key Actions

  • Implement the individual measures and institutionalise them in order to ensure sustainability
    Which measures will be implemented?
    How will they be implemented?
    Which units/departments will be involved in the implementation of measures in the GEP?
    Who is in charge to implement them?
  • Use the support from the management and leadership, relevant units/departments and key persons to implement defined measures
    Did you obtain the signatures of the relevant decision makers?
  • Ensure that the needed resources (personnel and financial) are provided
    What financing possibilities exist for gender equality in your organisation?
    Who are the correct contact persons, units/departments?
  • Publish the GEP and communicate it within the organisation
    Inform the organisation about the GEP
    Use different channels to communicate the GEP
    Make the GEP available for all staff (e.g. organisational website)
    Present the GEP on events or meetings
  • Be aware that adaptions to the GEP may be needed
    Be prepared to face resistances when presenting the GEP or/and implementing some measures
  • Stay in regular contact with your Implementation Team
    Did you discuss progress, problems, achievements, and aspects that can be improved?

Hints & Resources

Individual Conditions

  • What is specific for your organisation regarding Step 4: Implement? Please record here (documentation of important steps, experiences, successes, challenges, solution approaches, etc.)

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