GENERA Toolbox - good-practice Gender Equality measures

Theoretical framework and purpose of the GENERA Toolbox

What is the GENERA Toolbox?

The GENERA Toolbox aims at assisting GENERA partner organisations that are in the process of the implementation of gender equality plans (GEPs) in tailoring their GEPs and gender equality measures to their needs. For this purpose, the toolbox offers a range of measures that can serve as models for other organisations. It is a structured collection of good practices - measures, instruments, and activities - that aim to address gender inequality. Information was collected and catalogued on gender equality measures related to structural, social, cultural, and political aspects of work environments in various (mainly physics related) RPOs and RFOs as well as HEIs.

This toolbox does not aim to be exhaustive as it cannot present full details on each of the measures, nor does it provide a comprehensive picture of the gender equality measures implemented in the ERA. Instead it represents only a small selection of practical examples and structures in scientific organisations within Europe, which were seen as successful. It is not a static publication, but rather reflects an ongoing process, which can be updated and expanded.

The measures within this toolbox are collected from a variety of sources (surveys, experts, own experiences, supplemented by literature review). All of these collected measures and instruments can directly be implemented into the GEPs or can be structurally integrated to build a bridge from the current state of gender equality to a better state.

Structure of description of measures

Titlethe original title of the measure/action as implemented and recommended
Difficultyassessment of difficulty of implementation, differentiated between
basis: rather easy to implement
intermediate: rather moderate to implement
experienced: rather difficult to implement
Fields of Actionclassification in one of six fields of action which were established within the GENERA project
Objectiveshort description of objectives
Target groupsrecommendation for target groups
Descriptiondetailed description of how the measure/action is in use
More informationfurther information to organization and contact person

The measures in the toolbox are categorized by fields of action, objectives, and target groups, because every organisation has a unique and different approach to gender equality. Organisations differ in their strategic and structural conditions. Taking these categorizations into account can simplify the creation and the implementation of GEPs and gender equality measures.

Objectives of the GENERA Toolbox

  • These good practices are based on the principle “quality over quantity”. They can be customised easily (as required for different organisations).
  • With the collection of various effective measures and actions from participating organisations and the most frequently named recommendations from the literature, the GENERA Toolbox offers a broad set of possibilities to improve and extend existing GEPs and gender equality measures.
  • Accordingly, measures can be used in order to enable systemic institutional change in the RPOs and RFOs as well as HEIs.

Who is this GENERA Toolbox for?

While the GENERA Toolbox focuses preliminary on RFOs, RPOs and HEIs, it can also be used by other organisations, which have the intention to promote gender equality and raise gender awareness at all qualification levels. To support the implementation of measures, the toolbox is especially interesting for managers and leaders who have to take the steps towards gender equality. The GENERA Toolbox can be used by the scientific community (in physics) - based on the principle of “give and take”.

In essence, however, the toolbox was developed for any individual who is a stakeholder in gender equality issues - ranging from those with no knowledge of gender equality to those who have experience with gender equality issues.

How should the GENERA Toolbox be used?

By reading this Toolbox, you are taking important steps towards embedding gender equality in your organisation.

While going through this Toolbox you will find explanations, statistics and measures, which are supposed to give you an idea of what gender equality and equal opportunities could mean.

As every organization (with its structure, culture, guidelines etc.) is different, GENERA tried to bring together a wide variety of good practice measures on gender equality, taking into account basic, intermediate as well as experienced levels of difficulty of implementation of GEPs.

Individual contexts are of greatest importance and should be taken into account in every single step of the process of implementation. Measures or instruments that are considered to be successful in one organisation, do not necessarily work just as well in other organisations. The entire process of implementation should be mindful of the national situation and the overall framework conditions in the organisation e.g. the organisation's values, structures or employees.

It was decided to not list the costs of our collected measures. The aim is to give ideas and examples but not to discourage you because your organization doesn't have the budget a measure is listed with. It is also not common for organizations to give out this sensitive monetary information.

Just like the work on this toolbox, working on gender equality is an ongoing task that may change and vary over time.

Who are the Target Groups?

What are the Fields of Action?

Measures in the Toolbox

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