GENERA TOP 25 - Prioritizing Gender Equality measures

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At the first GENERA network workshop on January 22-23, 2018 at the Kings College in London organized for practitioners and managers of physics related institutions the 85 participants jointly examined and prioritized the almost 150 gender equality measures collected from the following three sources:

The approach involved a multi-criteria decision analysis method. The participants were organised into small groups and asked to review the collected measures and segregated them onto two dimensions:

  • quality/effectiveness vs. feasibility/usefulness,

giving a score ranging from 1 – extremely low to 9 – extremely high.

Each group was asked to map 2 sets of 15-20 measures from one of these sources, making sure each 1 set was mapped twice. After the initial mapping exercise, participants were asked to rank the prioritised measures again to identify the best fit with the potential to of implementing each in their own organization. In addition, we asked participants to reflect on possible gaps and ideas for improving fit. This resulted in the selection of TOP 25 of gender equality measures prioritized as of high quality, feasibility and fit for purpose.

Rank Measure description Quality Feasibility Fit Source
(G 1), E 2)), W3) )
1Unconscious / implicit bias training9715G
2Develop mentoring programs for all faculty9912W
3Girl's Day999G
4Train decision makers for inclusive action998W
5Managing motherhood and scientific career7910G
6Leadership Accountability9511G
7Support no-cost extensions for grants996W
8Parental leave with occupational activity897G
9Flexible Working Conditions 987E
10Stakeholder Engagement879G
11Allow changing from full-time to part-time97,57W
12Management Programme for women995G
13Awareness raising activities887G
14Post Career Break Fellowship887G
15Use technology to promote flexibility (e.g. telework)887W
16Gender-disaggregated data 959G
17Advice from international gender experts 895G
18Search committees to ignore family-related CV gaps976W
19Childcare on campus886G
20Diversity training for research funders976G
21Allow unpaid sabbatical & leave M/F without penalty97,55W
22Workshops on workplace climate & resource allocation984W
23Observation in evaluation panels975G
24Provide subsidies for care services975W
25Participatory Modeling (system dynamic intervention)876G

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