Title: Management Programme for Female Professors and Managers
Field(s) of Action: * Engaging Leadership
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
Objectives:* Coaching
* Career promotion
Target Group(s): Management and leadership, professors
Female (assistant/associate) professors, leadership positions
Description: The “Management Programme for Female Professors and Managers” at the University of Cologne was first run by the Equal Opportunity Officer in 2010 and has taken place three times since then. The programme is intended to provide an important component of staff development at management level. Over a 12-day training period, women in (academic) management roles at the university can improve their knowledge of essential aspects of day-to-day management. This includes topics like leadership, time management, delegation, professional presentation, communication, and conflict management. Appropriate consideration is given to gender equality in all topics.
The most important elements of the programme are professional guidance from experienced female trainers, intensive group work, feedback interviews and the opportunity for discussion with peers. In addition to group work in the seminars, participants can also book a two-hour personal coaching session with a trainer for a small additional contribution.
More information:University of Cologne (Germany)
Website: https://verwaltung.uni-koeln.de/abteilung43/content/leadership_amp_management/programm_fuer_frauen/index_eng.html

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