Title: Managing motherhood and scientific career
Field(s) of Action: * Flexibility, Time and Work Life
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
* Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* empowering and encouraging graduate students
* work-life balance
Target Group(s): Young female researchers (PhD students, PhD candidates and research assistants/Postdocs and mid-career scientific personnel)
Description: This workshop focuses on “Managing motherhood and a scientific research career”. The workshop comprises of seven sessions, two hours each, run by three women senior scientists, all faculty members at the Weizmann Institute.
The workshop is open to women, mostly PhD students and postdocs that are at an early stage of their first pregnancy or planning to become pregnant in the near future. The curriculum consisted of seven meetings, and the number of participants was kept deliberately below 20 to enable an intimate environment. The three scientists shared their own personal experiences as principal investigators and mothers. In addition to meetings led by them, they invited several professional psychologists to share their expertise.
The meetings focused on various aspects, including: how to deal with the conflict between the emerging identities of being a scientist and a mother; psychological and physiological changes during and after pregnancy; how to prepare for maternity leave; returning to productive work after maternity leave; managing relationships - getting a solid support system during and after pregnancy; and tools for assertiveness. The workshop takes place once a year, this year it was held for the second time.
More information:Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
Website: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/WomenInScience/

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