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Field of ActionSubfield of ActionExamples
Structural Integration
of Gender Equality
Policies* Gender Equality Plan
* mission statement for gender equality
Monitoring* regular evaluation of policies/gender
* employee surveys/statistics
Sustainability* long-term planning
* continuation of efforts when specific goals are reached
Composition & Integration* sex-equal composition of all bodies (boards, teams, committees, …)
* introducing gender quotas
Engaging LeadershipLeadership Accountability* leadership accountability
* gender competence among managers/leaders
Stakeholder Engagement* external stakeholders' engagement
* employee awareness and engagement
Time & Work Life
Work-Life Balance* reasonable working-hours, flexitime
* compensation policies that promote WLB
Care & Family Life* child/elder-care availability and funding, parental leave
* flexible and family-friendly working hours models
Presence & VisibilityRecruitment* career and life planning
* trainee programmes for potential female leaders
Retention & Attrition* gender-specific rates of loss from the academic career path (leaky pipeline)
* equal pay gap
Advancement* women's representation in promotion pools
* promotion policies and practices
Visibility* role models/representation
* gender-sensitive language
Gender-inclusive/ Gender-sensitive Organizational CultureGender Awareness & Bias* gender stereotypes and implicit bias training (for the management level as well as for employees)
Non-discrimination* policy of overall non-discrimination
* equal treatment of part-time work
* equal access to resources (e.g. funding, lab space, equipment)
Deconstructing Excellence* transparency of selection and promotion criteria
* pressure (quantity/quality)
Gender Dimension in Research and EducationKnowledge* inclusion of gender studies in all curricula
Research* inclusion of gender dimension in research
Funding* inclusion of gender-related selection criteria
* transparency of funding criteria

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