Title: Girl´s Day- Girl´s Future Day
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
* Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objectives:* Recruitment
* Encourage young girls to consider jobs in science and technology
* Discover young talents and support those
Target Group(s): Pupils
Girls (ages 9-17)
Description: Companies in technology and science as well as universities/colleges offer projects, workshops and guided tours especially designed for girls to inspire interest in science and technology.
Fields of science or jobs qualify to be part of a Girl´s Day event if the current rate of women is below 40% (in Germany). Girl´s Day events are coordinated and advertised by a national body. Organisations can get in contact with this body if they are interested in offering Girl´s Day activities.
Girl´s Days are held each year since 2001. Many girls have chosen a career in STEM fields after taking part in Girl´s Day activities.
More information:Bundesweite Koordinierungsstelle Girl´s Day- Mädchen Zukunftstag (Germany)
Contact: Elisabeth Schöppner
Website: http://www.girls-day.de/

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