Title: PRIMA
Field(s) of Action: * Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objectives:Give a way in for senior female researchers aiming towards a professorship in Switzerland.
Target Group(s): Female researchers looking for a professorship in Switzerland
Description: PRIMA is a source of funding for remarkable female researchers who are looking for a professorship in Switzerland. The beneficiaries of this funding will direct their own research project at a Swiss institution. They will conduct this project with complete autonomy and their own team.
Candidates must have a PhD or an equivalent, in general consisting of at least three years of research after graduating from university or an official exam with value equivalent to a doctorate.
They must then have two years' experience on top of their doctorate and apply for the program between two and ten years of receiving their doctorate.
The duration of this funding is a maximum of five years to cover the salary of the beneficiary as well as the possibility of temporary work abroad and a network of mentors. This allows the researchers to strengthen their academic profile to be competitive professor candidates.
It is planned to make up to 12 positions available per year.
More information:Fonds National Suisse de la Recherche Scientifique (Switzerland)
Contact: prima@snf.ch
Website: http://www.snf.ch/fr/encouragement/carrieres/prima/Pages/default.aspx#

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