Title:Central Equal Opportunities Officer
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
Objectives:* Support of the institution strategically in the implementation and further development of the equality goals
* Establish and promote the idea of equal opportunities in all groups and at all levels of the organisation.
Target Group(s): Management and Leadership
Description: The Central Gender Equality Officer performs her duties in principal employment. She is part of the Administrative Headquarters and reports directly to the Secretary General. She is not bound by instruction in the execution of her duties
The Central Gender Equality Officer supports the Max Planck Society strategically in implementing and refining its gender equality aims:
a) She advises the various internal target groups (Institutes, Management, Sections, numerous functionaries) with regard to gender equality. In this context, she is a member of the Permanent Presidential Committee 'Chances' and a permanent guest in several central governing bodies of the Max Planck Society, e.g. the Senate and the Scientific Council.
b) She supports the Gender Equality Officers in the Institutes, Facilities, and Sections by providing them with information and trainings. Additionally, she negotiates the role, rights, and responsibilities of the Gender Equality Officers with the decision-makers and the relevant governing bodies.
c) The Central Gender Equality Officer, moreover, designs and supports the internal Public Relations work with regard to 'Equal Opportunities'. Furthermore, she is taking on parts of the external presentation and representation of the Max Planck Society in the area of gender equality.
More information:Max-Planck-Gesellschaft e.V. (Germany)
Contact: zgb@gv.mpg.de
Website: https://www.mpg.de/zgb

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