Title: PraktikumsInfoBörse für Studentinnen - Internship database for female students
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Create a network for women
* Get information about work possibilities
* Personal and career development
Target Group(s): Students (undergraduate and graduate)
Description: The “PraktikumsInfoBörse” at the University of Stuttgart is an information service for internships. It is aimed at female students, graduates, and early career researchers; especially in STEM fields, and companies in the Stuttgart region.
Companies offering internships can get in touch with highly qualified female candidates. Organisations become acquainted with them and recruit them as excellent employees.
It provides an opportunity for internship students and early career researchers to experience real-life work and research applications. They also gain access to career possibilities which do not link up directly with their academic subject.
The “PraktikumsInfoBörse” offers both obligatory and voluntary internship placements, project and dissertation placements and the opportunity to write a graduate thesis within a company. The participants negotiate with the companies directly, to discuss the details and duration of a placement.
More information:University of Stuttgart (Germany)
Contact: gleichstellungsreferat@uni-stuttgart.de
Website: http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/praktikumsinfoboerse/index.html

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