Title: Directive for tendering scientific positions
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Increasing the proportion of women in academic position
Target Group(s): Women at all career levels:
PhD students, PhD candidates and research assistants
Postdocs and mid-career scientific personnel
Management and leadership
Description: The faculty strives to increase the proportion of women in academic positions at the faculty significantly. In this respect, the faculty requests all persons and involved subunits, the following measures and at least four verifiable to perform. This directive applies to the invitation to tender issued by the university assistant to prae-doc as well as for university assistants in post-doc positions.
1. The tendering unit / person shall immediately name the “job center” the Dean's office, the subunit(s) within the faculty, in which are scientific employees, for whom the tender could be relevant. As soon as the vacant position is published, the Dean's office sends the tender text by e-mail to the secretariats and in copy to the leaders and the deputy head of all subunits (e.g. online or posting) as well as to all scientific staff working in the subunit; for the purpose of information and with the request for distribution in the personal subject-related contact networks.
2. The tendering unit / person shall take into account the compulsory publication of all prae-doc and post doc positions in the mobility portal (EURAXESS Jobs Portal) - Exception: Working conditions under six months - and uses the English text in the “jobcentre”.
3. Immediately after the publication of the vacant position, the tendering unit / person as well as the dean's office have to make a well visible notice of the tender text.
4. After publication of the vacant position the tendering unit / person shall request relevant subunits of the University of Vienna as well as at least five teaching and research institutes in the field of research outside the University of Vienna to make the tender more visible.
5. After publication of the vacant position the tendering unit / person shall place the tender text in at least one social network or a field-relevant user group of a general social network, if available / known.
6. After publication of the vacant position the tendering unit / person shall pass to at least one - as much as possible - preferably scientific field-relevant information or networking platforms for women and women studies', feminist research, gender studies, if available / known.
The working group on gender quality waives on the repetition of a tender, if from the above measures have been carried out at least four.
More information:University of Vienna (Austria)
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Dr. Annekatrin Enge
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E-Mail: christa.hofmann@univie.ac.at
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