Title: Israeli Women post-doc data base
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* career development
Target Group(s): Female postdocs and researchers
Description: The faculty of physics maintains a data base on all Israeli female postdocs around the world. For each scientist, the data base has an updated CV and list of publications. We communicate with each scientist (personally) twice a year, asking her for updates. The data base serves several purposes:
(i) It prevents us from “missing” excellent Israeli female physicists that succeed in their postdoc.
(ii) It creates a bonding between the postdocs and Weizmann Institute, which gives us an edge when we compete on the hiring.
(iii) It allows us to identify when problems arise during a postdoc and, in some cases, intervene and help (e.g. by funding an additional year in the host lab).
Moreover, we ask the postdocs to inform us when they visit Israel. We invite them for a visit at Weizmann Institute, and help them with their travel expenses.
More information:Weizman Institute of Science (Israel)
Website: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/WomenInScience/

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