Title: Ideas Competition for the Promotion of Women
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
* Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objectives:* Work/study culture
* Awareness
* Visibility
* Gender mainstreaming
Target Group(s): Female Graduates/doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers, (Junior) professors
Description: The Giessen University holds an annual internal competition, managed by the Women's Officer, for ideas to promote women at the university. A five-year fund has been set up for an “ideas competition for the promotion of women”, with an annual sum of €75,000 available to support equal opportunity projects at the university. The content and organisation of projects should contribute to anchoring equality, the promotion of women and issues in women's and gender studies within the individual faculties and central institutions of the university. Funding is available for the development or implementation of innovative measures that meet the following criteria:
Elimination of structural barriers for women in the qualification process; diminishing the under-representation of female researchers at all qualification levels; and the integration of research in women's and gender studies in research and teaching. Proposals must also be submitted by employees of the faculties and central institutions of the university. Funding is not available for research projects carried out by individuals.
Both direct project costs and staff funding may be applied for. The maximum available sum is €15,000 per year and the maximum project duration is two years. The Executive Committee of the Giessen University decides whether funding should be awarded at the suggestion of the Equal Opportunity Commission.
More information:Gießen University (Germany)
Website: https://www.unigiessen.de/org/beauftragte/frb/ordnerarchiv/gleichstellungskonzept/ideenwettbewerb

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