Title: Performance-Based Funding
Field(s) of Action: * Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objective:* Career promotion
Target Group(s): Professors
Female (junior) professors, committees, research staff
Description: Performance-based funding was introduced at the University of Berlin (FU Berlin) in 2006 to create positive incentives for promoting female early career researchers. In the model employed at FU Berlin, previous achievements by a faculty or institute are rewarded with additional funds. These funds must be used in coordination with the non-central Women's Officers to promote women. Emphasis is given to the number of new appointments and the filling of professorial posts, the filling of qualifying posts (especially junior professorships) and the number of doctorates in individual departments/central institutes. This way, faculties are rewarded for successful efforts to promote women. A total of 30% of funding for staff and direct costs is allocated to performance. Performance is measured by indicators covering research, teaching and equal opportunity; these areas attract 47.5%, 47.5% and 5% respectively of the allocated funding.
This model was developed and adapted to the specific situation at FU Berlin by the central Women's Officer. The calculation model is explained in detail on the website. A similar model can be created for other universities and organisations.
More information:Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)
Contact: frauenbeauftragte@fu-berlin.de
Website: http://www.fu-berlin.de/sites/frauenbeauftragte/gestalten/leistungsorientierte/index.html

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