Title: KLeVer - A Project within the Gender Mainstreaming Process
Field(s) of Action: * Flexibility, Time and Work Life
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
* Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Career promotion
* Work and life balance
Target Group(s): (Female) graduates, doctoral researchers, postdoctoral researchers
Description: The project “KLeVer” at the University of Augsburg is a career and life planning project within the gender mainstreaming process. It is a workshop programme aimed particularly at young female researchers. Its goal is to provide career support. In 2007, most of the programme was also opened up to male early career researchers. Balancing family and career, and conflicts between the demands of different roles form an important part of the programme.
Longer-term measures, such as career modules for the various phases of an academic career and longer-term supervision in 'success teams', for example in female doctoral networks, are open to participants. Participants acquire specific skills such as speaker training, career coaching, and speed reading. Each participant can put together their own qualification programme in line with their personal career objectives and preferences. One-to-one and group coaching is also available.
Events are held outside class hours in cooperation with the Centre for Continuing Education and Knowledge Transfer.
More information:University of Augsburg (Germany)
Contact: Dr. Marion Magg-Schwarzbäcker
Website: https://www.uni-augsburg.de/de/studium/zusatzqualifikationen/klever/

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