Title: Equality on the intranet
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
* Presence and Visibility
Objectives:Information about:
* Equal chances for women and men
* Career development
* Work and life balance/compatibility
* Gender-sensitive organisational culture
Target Group(s): Management and Leadership
Employees at the organisation
Description: The Fraunhofer Institute created an intern platform on gender equality. This intranet platform provides all information on:
* representatives of gender equality (Contact details, etc.)
* activities with the topic “gender equality and diversity”, e.g. conferences, work meetings, etc.
* activities for the whole family, e.g. child-care in the holidays, girls' & boys' days, etc.
* work and life balance/compatibility
* mentoring and promotion
* gender-sensitive language
* etc.
The institute has not collected data on the use of the intranet platform yet. However, it reports that the attention gender issues receive has increased. To develop this measure for other organisations, personnel with technical skills, about to take care of the intranet and of the dissemination of information would be needed.
More information:Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (Germany)

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