Title: NWO Physics/f grants (former FOm/f) - Funding programme for female physicists
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objective:Provide grants to women who transition from post-doctoral/doctoral to professor
Target Group(s): Postdocs and mid-career scientific personnel /
Female Postdocs who want to become professors
Description: NWO initiated the NWO Physics/f incentives programme to keep more female scientists in the Dutch physics community.
The programme provides postdoc positions or bridge the gap to a regular position (started 1999). On average two to four female scientists per year are funded. This tool is highly effective as many female scientists could improve their careers, e.g. got an assistant professor or professor later on.
Individual positions for postdocs
For women who wish to develop a long-term career in Dutch physics. The grant is for a maximum of five years at a crucial and vulnerable point in their career. The candidate has to organise a period of one to two years at a foreign institute in conjunction with this (not paid for by NWO).
Bridging grants
Bridging grants are intended to support faculties and research institutes during the appointment of a woman to a tenured position. NWO contributes for a maximum of five years. Examples of a bridging grant are a contribution to a tenured appointment as an assistant or associate professor (possibly after being employed at a foreign university) or a financing of the difference in salary between an associate professor and a professor.
More information:Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (Netherlands)
Website: https://www.nwo.nl/en/about-nwo/organisation/nwo-domains/enw/Disciplines/Phys/Research/NWO+Physics_x002f_f+grants

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