Title: International High School Teacher Programme - Gender Inclusive Teaching Workgroup
Field(s) of Action: * Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objective:A workshop for high school physics teachers to fight gender bias and make the classroom more gender inclusive
Target Group(s): Pupils
High School Teachers / Students
Description: The International High School Teachers Program takes place every summer at CERN, lasts three weeks and involves teachers from all around the world. The teachers can choose from different work groups of which one is Gender Inclusive Teaching, which is facilitated by the CERN Diversity Office. The Diversity Office collaborates with a researcher from the University of Geneva who is a specialist in gender in STEM education. The activities of the workgroup include:
* interviewing female engineers and scientists at CERN and learning more about their career and experiences.
* discussions in small groups on specific topics linked to recent research on gender inclusive teaching and bias in the classroom
* at the end of the session the target was to present what they learnt to their colleagues and to produce information material which they can take home to their fellow-teachers in their home countries
The agenda of the workshop is under constant improvement but we aim to make it sustainable so teachers could benefit from it every year. The outcome of the work group was positive; some of them admittedly discovered some of their own unconscious behaviours and took home interesting lessons and experiences.
More information:CERN (Switzerland)
Contact: CERN Diversity hr-diversity-info@cern.ch
Website: http://diversity.web.cern.ch/2016/08/gender-inclusive-teaching-2016-high-school-teacher-programme

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