Title: Women's promotion needs sustainability
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Presence and Visibility
* Gender-inclusive/Gender-sensitive Organisational Culture
Objectives:* Foster positive measures for women's advancement and junior acquisition
* Mainstreaming of the issue also in small and medium-sized companies with few personnel resources;
* Long-term improvement of the organisational culture.
Target Group(s): All target groups (except Pupils)
Managing directors, personal department, marketing department, all employees, apprenticeship persons
Description: The STEM companies and enterprises work out the long-term programmes to enhance a number of female employees and ensure their retention. To achieve a sufficient impact these approaches has sustainably accompany the organisational culture.
The first step is a building of interdisciplinary teams within an enterprise consisting of employees who are interested in exploring gender issues and supporting of the female employees and junior acquisition.
The important factor by the teambuilding is the various age categories of the participants. It can provide a wide ideas and initiatives exchange between young team members and elder generations.
The regular meetings facilitate the implementation of ideas and new approaches. The participants are involved in small projects which are expected to be feasible and successful in short term period. It supposes to avoid failure and demotivation. The visible positive results encourage the participants.
The other employees can be informed about the outcomes of diversity projects in a local company newspaper or in the pin board.
A long-term collaboration ensures reveal project outputs and achievement of the targets.
More information:LizzyNet GmbH (Germany)
Contact: Ulrike Schmidt
Website: https://www.lizzynet.de

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