Title: Professeure
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objectives:Provide a tenure track assistant professor position for female researchers
Target Group(s): Senior researchers who are candidates for an associate or full professor position.
Description: This project provides funding for transitional tenure track jobs for a maximum of three years within departments expecting to fill a permanent position within one to three years.
This program allows the University of Geneva to employ and promote female researchers for full or associate professor positions by giving them a temporary position within the institution for example as an assistant professor.
There is funding for 3 such positions a year within the institution. The candidates with a corresponding profile are nominated based on which departments have positions to be filled in the appropriate time-scale.
More information:University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Contact: Bureau d'Egalité, University of Geneva
Website: https://www.unige.ch/rectorat/egalite/programmes/professeure-egalite/

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