Title: Zdi-Campus - Girls try out STEM-fields
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Personal development
* Promotion of STEM
* Work-experience and orientation for young women
Target Group(s): Pupils (High school graduates)
Young women with High School diplomas
Description: Young women try out studying and working in a STEM field.
Universities and colleges offer 1st semester classes to high school graduates.
During a six month period young women can attend the connected courses in STEM and learn more about daily student life. The participants also have an opportunity to gain practical experience in partner companies.
After the course the participants get a Zdi-Campus-certificate that they can add to their curriculum vitae.
The project led many young women who have attended these classes, to select one of the STEM fields for their further study.
More information:Competence Center Technology-Diversity-Equal Chances (Germany)
Contact: Sabine Mellies
Website: http://www.kompetenzz.de/

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