Title: Physiscope
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:Inspire young students to take an interest in STEM, in particular Physics.
Target Group(s): Students in Primary and Secondary education above 6 years old as well as their teachers.
Description: Since 2008 Physiscope has been running at the University of Geneva with interactive workshops inspired by current research topics keeping within themes often seen the students Physics curriculum.
A selection if different interactive physics experiments/demonstrations are presented to groups of 5 - 25 people comprising of students and their teachers.
Several of the demonstrators involved are young female researchers with the aim to provide positive and diverse role models for the students.
Physiscope has become very popular reaching over 5000 visitors per year in the past. This program allows the students to meet actual scientists and experience science as active and real compared to what they learn at school or in museums.
More information:University of Geneva (Switzerland)
Contact: physiscope@unige.ch
Website: https://scienscope.unige.ch/physiscope/

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