Title: 5-yearly Review of Employment Conditions at CERN
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Promote work-life balance and support dual career couples
Target Group(s): Management and Leadership / All Target Groups
All employees
CERN Personnel
Description: Every 5 year, the working conditions at CERN are reviewed and changes are proposed to modernise policies and social benefits, improve social benefit equality between different types of legal unions, take families' expectations into account and enhance professional/personal life balance.
The following changes were introduced at the last review and were implemented from 1st of January 2016:
* Full recognition of registered partnership
* Parental/Paternity and Maternity Leave Review
* Increased Flexibility to new Parents
* Leave Donation
* Teleworking
* Dual Career Support
More information:CERN (Switzerland)
Contact: CERN Diversity Office
Website: http://diversity.web.cern.ch/5-yearly-review-diversity-measures-overview-changes

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