Title: Family+
Field(s) of Action: * Structural Integration of Gender Equality
* Flexibility, Time and Work Life
Objectives:* Reconciliation of work and private life
* Employee retention
Target Group(s): Students (undergraduate and graduate) (partially - only the Emergency Care FlexiKids)
PhD students, PhD candidates and research assistants
KIT employees
Description: The KIT created a range of services for various target groups regarding child/elder care and future family responsibilities. This program provides support in:
* Time of pregnancy
* Day Care
* ElderCare
Time of pregnancy
Parental leave program
When a child is expected, it raises a lot of questions for the future parents. The parental leave program is to promote and realize the reconciliation of work and private life within the framework of gender equality at the KIT. The unit Human Resources development and Trainee Department at KIT gives support and individual advice tailored to specific needs.
The program is aimed at employees who are in a family-related time-out or before. With the program, KIT has set itself a goal of assisting employees with their family-related time-out as well as the re-entry into the job. Participation is voluntary.

Pregnancy compensation pool
For compensation adjustments during the maternity leave period, transition funds are available from a compensation pool.
These funds cover costs of a replacement caused by civil servants maternity leave or work ban due to pregnancy.

Day Care
KIT has four daycare centers with a total of 205 childcare facilities for children from three months to starting school.
Emergency care FlexiKids
To provide the best possible work-life-balance for KIT employees, doctoral candidates as well as students, we have developed the program FlexiKids. It can be used in cases of emergencies, by regular daycare drop out, short term business trips, events at KIT etc. There are five places available for children from six months to 12 years old.
The emergency care of childminder complements the FlexiKids program. Emergency care takes place directly at the respective childminder seven days a week for children aged 0-12 years and provides support in emergency situations, business travels, evening and weekend events as well as overnight stays. Also the transport to the day care or school is possible.

Childminders network
In order to bypass the need of a long term daycare the employees as well as doctoral candidates have a possibility of finding a suitable childminder within our network.

Parent-Child Office
The parent-child office is a measure for reconciling work and family life for the employees at the KIT. As a pilot project it is constantly optimized and adapted to the needs. In the parent-child office, KIT employees can work in typical work environment with a computer, telephone and internet access. At the same time, the room provides opportunities for childcare. The room is only an emergency aid and does not provide an alternative to regular care.

A nursing case in the family often means a heavy weight - especially for a working person. Together with “Deutscher Pflegering” we provide a support that assists the employees at KIT by the subjects such as senior nursing and family members in need of care. There are three available service modules: online-portal, hotline, brochures, which provide more information in detail.
More information:Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
Contact: Sabrina Heinze
Website: http://www.peba.kit.edu/1249.php (only in German)

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