Title: MeMPhys - Mentoring in Mathematics and Physics
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Provide career-information
* Create networks
Target Group(s): Students (undergraduate and graduate)
Female students
Description: The project “MeMPhys” - Mentoring in Mathematics and Physics (MeMPhys) at the University of Freiburg was originally established by female students for female students in mathematics, in 2005. In collaboration with the Equal Opportunity Officer in the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, the programme has been expanded in recent semesters to include physics.
The core of the mentoring programme is the mentor/mentee pairing. Each participant at the first stage of studies is assigned a mentor who is a student at an advanced stage. During regular meetings mentees have the chance to ask questions about their studies and all related issues. They also receive advice from their mentors, who pass on their experience. Mentors have the opportunity to improve their soft skills and gain a certificate documenting their participation in the programme. After completing the Bachelor, mentees ideally become mentors themselves for new students. To optimize the matching process, all participants are interviewed at the start of each winter semester.
One-to-one mentoring is complemented by opportunities to acquire additional skills that go beyond the course content and will be valuable in the students' later career. Participation is voluntary. The idea is to enable participants to acquire skills outside the main curriculum. For example, through MeMPhys, participants can attend seminars and soft-skill workshops as well as more specialized courses, such as an introduction to relevant software programmes and programming languages.
To help students integrate into the new environment and get to know people, especially during the difficult first phase, the MeMPhys programme also includes leisure activities.
More information:University of Freiburg (Germany)
Contact: memphys-freiburg@gmx.de
Website: http://www.memphys.uni-freiburg.de/index.html

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