Title: Femtec. Promoting Talents
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Offering careers to women
* Offering network of women in companies and industry of STEM fields
* Recruitment
* Personal and career development
Target Group(s): All target groups (except Pupils and school students)
Women in STEM
Description: Femtec is a platform/company and network of women in STEM fields and offers soft-skill workshops, application training and mentoring programmes for people interested in gender equality.
The company/platform cooperates with global industrial partners and enables women to get in contact with those to plan and continue careers in STEM fields. Femtec organises work-experience in companies in STEM fields.
Any company or research institute can get in contact with femtec to be engaged in their programmes.
More information:Femtec.GmbH (Germany)
Contact: info@femtec.org
Website: https://www.femtec.org/de/femtec-promoting-talents-0

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