Title: Certificate audit “workandfamily”
Field(s) of Action: * Flexibility, Time and Work Life
Objectives:* Reconciliation of work and family life
* Increase attractiveness of the organization in the international environment
* Recruiting highly qualified employees
Target Group(s): Employees with children
Description: The “berufundfamilie Service GmbH” is a service provider and key player in the field of reconciling work and family life. The “berufundfamilie” - “workandfamily” audit certificate is a strategic management tool used by institutions to customize their personnel policies. Under this management tool, the Max Planck Society has made a voluntary commitment to define further initiatives to achieve a family-sensitive corporate policy.
The improvement of the reconciliation of work and family life for the employees is the aim of this measure. In this way, the measurement's propose is the increase of the organization's attractiveness in the international context, recruitment of highly qualified employees and creation of better conditions for higher employee motivation.
These specific family-friendly measures are divided into various fields of action (e.g. working hours, communication, personnel development etc.). The measures are to be implemented up to an annual report or until the end of a three-year period. After successful auditing of the provider, an independent board of supervisors composed of prominent representatives from business, science, politics and associations decides on the award or confirmation of the audit certificate.
More information:Max-Planck-Gesellschaft e.V. (Germany)
Contact: zgb@gv.mpg.de

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