Title: Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Support of the participants to successfully establish themselves in the scientific community
* Platform for transdisciplinary scientific exchange
Target Group(s): Postdocs and scientific personnel at end of her postdoc phase or at the beginning of her phase as a group leader, junior professor or working towards her habilitation. Only tenured researchers are excluded.
The participants are from the following disciplines: chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science or a technical discipline.
Description: The Schiemann Kolleg supports activities, which help its fellows successfully establish themselves in the scientific community. Additionally, the Kolleg offers a platform for transdisciplinary scientific exchange. The support of the Elisabeth-Schiemann-Kolleg is of non-material nature; the fellows are not supported financially. The main offers of the Kolleg is mentoring, network building, executive coaching and regular plenary meetings. Within this framework, the young fellows have a significant influence on the shaping of the contents. A centerpiece is the hierarchy-free interaction of the members in the Kolleg. Present activities in the Kolleg comprise:
* intensive rounds of introductions with focus on the previous career, personal experiences and expectations
* in-depth discussions of topics that develop during the meeting, e.g. appointment procedure or organizing a research group
* the offer to contact the directors at any time for specific questions
* the opportunity of extended visits at a director's group (job shadowing)
* scientific talks of the fellows
* time for the fellows to talk to each other
* leadership coaching by an external moderator
To become a member, the participant must be nominated. All professors and directors of research institutions worldwide can nominate candidates. The membership of the fellows normally expires after five years. Obtainment of a permanent job automatically leads to termination.
More information:Max-Planck-Gesellschaft e.V. (Germany)
Contact: zgb@gv.mpg.de
Website: https://www.mpg.de/career/career_programs/schiemann_kolleg

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