Title: German female physicists conference (GFPC)
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and visibility
* Gender Dimension in Research and Education
Objectives:* Presence and visibility of women in physics
* Networking
* Personal and professional Exchange
Target Group(s): All target groups (except pupils)
Female physicists
Description: The conference, which is held once a year, welcomes physicists of all physical disciplines. The German Physical Society organises a programme that includes panel discussions, workshops and lectures on physics. Participants can contribute by offering lectures or suggesting topics. During the four day conference women are encouraged to discuss their various experiences and connect with others. The German Physical Society also offers participants with Children a childcare programme free of charge.
As part of the GFPC, the physicists offer a one day programme for female middle and high school students. The programme includes laboratory work and an insight into the world of physics to recruit a new generation of female physicists.
More information:German Physical Society (Germany)
Contact: info@physikerinnentagung.de
Website: http://www.physikerinnentagung.de/index.html

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