Title: PhySch- Physics and School Teach-Learn-Laboratory
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Improve and collect teaching methods for physics
* Encourage contact to physics
Target Group(s): Students
PhD students, PhD candidates and research assistants
Postdocs and mid-career scientific personnel
Teachers and prospective teachers for physics
Description: In teaching and learning laboratories, pupils, teachers and prospective teachers get the opportunity to get close to exciting and methodically diverse teaching-learning processes in the field of physics. Five Labs allow the development of physical topics for all grades as a profitable complement to school education. Thus, PhySch as an out-of-school learning place is an offer to all schools.
PhySch also offers public events, the research and junior club, a teachers' club, summer and winter academies and teacher training. With these offers, we would generally like to arouse the interest in science as well as to stimulate current research, initiate a lively exchange and stimulate the educational landscape.
The teaching-learning laboratory of the Institute of Physics at the University of Rostock is a collaboration between school and university, science and teacher training as well as an initiative of the city and country.
More information:University of Rostock
Website: http://web.physik.uni-rostock.de/physch/

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