Title: MinTU- Girls at the Technical University Dortmund
Field(s) of Action: * Presence and Visibility
Objectives:* Create mentoring relationship between university-students and high school students
* Motivate and mentor girls who are interested in pursuing a degree in a STEM field
* Develop and explore personal talents
Target Group(s): Pupils
Girls ages 12- 14
Description: Female STEM- students of the TU Dortmund volunteer to be mentors for young female high school students. Mentors and mentees meet regularly. The students accompany their mentors during one year of studying at the TU. Mentees gain a personal and close look at student-life and “work”, workshops and meetings with mentors also connect the young girls.
Supported by various technical and scientific workshops, mentees can learn how to start a career in the STEM-fields. Mentees also are supported further if they choose to study at TU Dortmund. This mentoring programme creates knowledge on scientific careers in an early stage of career orientation to embed the scientific careers into young girls' vision of possibilities.
More information:Technical University Dortmund (Germany)
Website: http://www.gleichstellung.tu-dortmund.de/cms/mintu/de/MinTU/index.html

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