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Return to select 1st level target Address gender imbalances in decision making processes
Return to select 2nd level target Establish a gender fair selection process
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The following indicators can be relevant to find out where your institution stands regarding the gender-fairness and transparency of selection procedures.

IndicatorValueDescription & UseSource
The vacancy announcement includes the job profile, skills and competencies required, and eligibility criteria Yes/No
% of announcements that include the criteria
A minimum time period between vacancy publication and deadline for application is defined Yes/No ERABASE2)
Information on the selection process is available for the candidates Yes/No
% of processes for which information is available
Applicants have the right to receive feedback on the results of the selection Yes/No ERABASE4)
Selection panels are set up Yes/No ERABASE5)
The selection panels include national and international external members Yes/No ERABASE6)
Gender sensitive appointment procedures are in place Yes/No ERABASE7)
Existence of training programs in open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers for everyone involved in the process Yes/No OTM-R8)
Staff trained in open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchersNumber by sex
Proportion of people trained (%) by sex
Proportion of people trained: staff trained / all staff involved in the recruitment of researchersOTM-R9)
Complaints of candidatesNumber of complaintsStatistics on complaintsOTM-R10)

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