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Raising awareness for gender equality

Potential activitiesExamples for measuresIndicators related to the activityIndicators related to the target = Indicators to measure changes
Trainings, Workshops and Seminars• Trainings on gender equality
• Gender Stereotypes and implicit bias trainings
• Gender Mainstreaming workshops and seminars
• Workshops to raise gender awareness
• Gender in Physics Workshop
• # of trainings / workshops / seminars
• # people trained
• # of participants, by sex
• % of all staff / management team / commission members trained

Have leaders received gender equality training? [GENDER-NET]
- Yes, all leaders have received gender equality training
- Yes, some leaders have received gender equality training
- No, no leaders have received gender equality training
- Do not know

If some or all leaders have received gender equality training, please rate in your view the efficacy of the training in increasing leaders' commitment to addressing gender equality issues in your institution [GENDER-NET]:
- Very effective
- Effective
- Somewhat effective
- Neither effective nor ineffective
- Somewhat ineffective
- Ineffective
- Very ineffective
- Do not know
• Gender Equality-dedicated administrative staff
• Leadership involvement, commitment and competence
Increasing the gender awareness of HR, recruitment, management• Gender awareness trainings
• Unconscious bias tests + trainings
• Meetings with decision makings to create awareness and commitment
• # trainings held
• # people trained
• # of people tested
• # of meetings held
• # of decision makers committed to gender equality
Visibility of women's contribution to science• Brochure presenting profiles of female researchers, students or colleagues who have made outstanding contributions
• Creating role models
• Brochure with profiles exists and has been distributed (yes/no)

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