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Where do you want to become active?

Attract more women/girls to study physics

Potential activitiesExamples for measuresIndicators related to the activityIndicators related to the target = Indicators to measure changes
Researchers go to schools• Talks
• Awards for outreach to schools
• # of talks
• # children reached, by sex
• # schools reached
• # people applying for the award, by sex
• # people awarded, by sex
• Bachelor students
Events and activities for pupils• Labs for school students
• Science Camp
• Kid's University
• Physics Project Days
• Girls-Only workshops
• Orientation Days
• Information events for parents and girls
• # of events (labs, science camps, kid's university)
• # of pupils participating (per year or per event), by sex
Invite girls to RPO• Girls Day• # of girls days held
• # of girls participating (per year or per event)
Training and supporting teachers• Gender awareness workshops
• Trainings for teachers or students of educational science
• Providing teaching material
• # of teachers trained, by sex
• # of trainings held
Mentoring for (female) high school
• Mentoring (yes/no)
• Annual budget allocated in EUR
• # of mentored high school students, by sex
Internships• Internships for school students or specifically for girls• # of internships organized
• # of pupils doing an internship (per year), by sex
Projects with schools • # of projects
• # of schools reached
• # of pupils reached, by sex
Make your female researchers more
visible (use role models)
• Brochures
• Exhibitions
• Booklets with portraits or presentations
• Portraits in the university press or on campus
• Videos on youtube
• # of articles / portraits /brochures
• # of exhibitions
• # of videos
Provide physics games• Advent calendar• # of advent calendars distributed
• # of website visitors
Marketing activities• Using Social Media
• Webpages / videos of current students
• # of videos online
• # of postings on social media
• # of followers
• # of video views
• # website visitors
• # of likes

Addressing female students

Potential activitiesExamples for measuresIndicators related to the activityIndicators related to the target = Indicators to measure changes
PhD programmes for women only • PhD program for women only established (yes/no)• Master students
• PhD students
• Graduates with Bachelor degree
• Graduates with Master degree
• Share of PhD students with scholarship/with contract
• PhD, doctoral or equivalent students who finished their studies
Using social media• Produce video clips
• Change storybook of the Big Bang Theory, add a major female physicist
• # of video clips
• # of views
Mentoring for students• Peer to peer mentoring for (female)
• Cross-faculty mentoring programmes for students and female early career researchers
• # of students mentored, by sex

"Here is a list of activities"Please click on the activities associated with your task and study the suggested measures and indicators.

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