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IndicatorValueDescription & UseSource
Gender Equality-dedicated administrative staff The indicator measures if and to what extent staff is dedicated to the conception, implementation and/or monitoring of GE measures at the research institution.

This indicator needs a context-sensitive benchmark (e.g. the situation in the past or the situation at similar research organisations).
Athena SWAN2)
Leadership involvement, commitment and competence Please rate your agreement or disagreement with the following statement:
Leaders at my institution are committed to addressing institutional gender equality issues
• Strongly agree
• Agree
• Somewhat agree
• Netiher agree or disagree
• Somewhat disagree
• Disagree
• Strongly disagree
• Do not know

"Here is a list of activities"Please have a look at the list of relevant indicators and its use.

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Advancing women’s careers in STEMM: evaluating the effectiveness and impact of the Athena SWAN Charter
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