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IndicatorValueDescription & UseSource
Percentage of research projects including gender analysis/gender dimensions in the content of research % EFFORTI D3.31)
Percentage of staff/researchers who have received training on integration of gender analysis into research (IGAR) %This indicator measures the level of staff/researchers know- how of integrating sex and gender considerations into policies, programmes and projects. It is also an indicator to measure the awareness about the importance of sex and gender in research and innovation.

The percentage of trained staff/researchers is a key measure of gender competence.

“IGAR refers to the use of sex- and/or gender analysis in all the phases of the research cycle. It means taking into account the biological characteristics of both females and males (sex) and the evolving social and cultural features of women and men (gender).” (IGAR)
Inclusion of the gender dimension in research programmesYes/NoOrganization included the gender dimension in research programmes yes or noEFFORTI D3.33),
Recruitment/Promotion criteria for academics includes
scoring on IGAR expertise
Yes/No IGAR5)

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Kalpazidou Schmidt, Evanthia; Bührer, Susanne; Schraudner, Martina; Reidl, Sybille; Müller, Jörg; Palmen, Rachel; Haase, Sanne; Graversen, Ebbe Krogh; Holzinger, Florian; Striebing, Clemens; Groó, Dora; Klein, Saskia; Rigler, Dorottya; Høg Utoft, Ea. (2017). EFFORTI – Deliverable 3.3. A Conceptual Evaluation Framework for Promoting Gender Equality in Research and Innovation. A synthesis report
Indicators defined or further developed by JOANNEUM RESEARCH
IGAR Tool. Recommendations on Integrating Gender Analysis into Research. GENDER-NET.

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