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The following indicators can be relevant to find out where your institution stands regarding the support for reconciliation of work and private life / care responsibilities and to formulate targets how to improve reconciliation.

IndicatorValueDescription & Use
Researchers who have reduced working hours due to care for family members Number by sex
Percentage of m/f worktime reducers of all m/f with kids
The indicator shows the influence of individual lifestyles and its impact
on working hours and consequently on career opportunities.
Part-time employment rate of male and female researchers Proportion (%) of female researchers with part-time employment
Proportion (%) of male researchers with part-time employment
% f = # of part-time employed female researchers / total number of employed female researchers

% m = # of part-time employed male researchers / total number of employed male researchers

The indicator compares the part-time employment rate amongst men researchers and women researchers respectively. It includes researchers at all career stages.
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"Here is a list of activities"Please have a look at the list of relevant indicators and its use.

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