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If your institution wants to recruit more female physicists (in the near or far future), you could focus on one or more of the following sub-targets:

select 3nd level for ERA target 1 Increase the pool of female physicists

select 3nd level for ERA target 1 Attract more female researchers to apply

INDICATORS The following indicators can be relevant to find out how many male and female researchers have been recruited. They help to see if your institution is recruiting only a low number / share of women.

IndicatorValueDescription & UseSource
Number of new hired facultyNumber by sexNumber of female and male researchers who were recruited in the past year.Toolkit1)
Share of women and men among persons recruitedProportion (%) by sex Science Europe 2)


"Choose a third level target."For which third level target do you want to find indicators?

Frehill, Lisa et al. (2005): |Toolkit for Reporting Progress Toward NSF ADVANCE: Institutional Transformation Goals, ADVANCE Institutional Transformation
Science Europe (2017). Practical Guide to Improving Gender Equality in Research Organizations

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