List of measures and instruments (Overview according Fields of Action) Structural Integration of Gender Equality Engaging Leadership Flexibility, Time and Work Life Presence and Visibility Gender-inclusive / Gender-sensitive Organizational Culture Gender Dimension in Research and Education
120% support Grant
5-yearly Review of Employment Conditions at CERN
Advice by international gender experts
Anonymized Application Procedures
Athéna - Programme d'Études Anticipées
Awareness-raising activities
Awareness-raising activities within head office and review boards
Bias Literacy Program
Café con astrónomas
Career Steps OPPORTUNITIES - Road Show
Central Equal Opportunities Officer
Certificate audit “workandfamily”
Coaching in Cases of Sexual Discrimination
Code of Conduct for the Max Planck Society
Conferences for undergraduate Women in Physics
Creating Futures in Science - workshop
Directive for tendering scientific positions
Diversity training in the context of research funding
Do STEM - exhibition
Dual Career Service
Elisabeth Schiemann Kolleg
Employee Survey
Equality on the intranet
Exploring Gender and Culture - workshop
Family leave
Family portal
Female friendly graduate department questionnaire
Female scientists at the top - TU-cofund qualification programme
Femtec. Promoting Talents
fiMINT- Women in Maths, Computer Science, Science and Technology
Gender Equality Grant
Gender Equality Officers - in the Institutes and Sections
Gender in Physics - Workshop
Gender in science genSET - online platform
Gender-disaggregated data collection
Gender-inclusive / Gender-neutral Language
GENERA Gender in Physics Days
GENIS LAB - The Gender in Science and Technology LAB
German female physicists conference (GFPC)
Girl´s Day- Girl´s Future Day
House of little researchers
I Will Be a Professor! Girls' Introduction to an Academic Career Path
Ideas Competition for the Promotion of Women
Individually drafted contract agreements
Information on post-doc opportunities and financial support for traveling
Initiative “Chefsache” Drive the Change - For Men and Women - Network
International Geneva Gender Champion Initiative
International High School Teacher Programme - Gender Inclusive Teaching Workgroup
Intersectionality in Gender Equality Policies for Physics
Israeli Women post-doc data base
Kid´s University
KLeVer - A Project within the Gender Mainstreaming Process
Leadership Accountability
Lise Meitner Excellence Programme
Management Programme for Female Professors and Managers
Managing motherhood and scientific career
M. Hildred Blewett Fellowship
Maria Goeppert Mayer Award
Maternity Protection in the Laboratory
Meetings of graduate students with returning scientists
Meine Heine-Frau - project and broschure
MeMPhys - Mentoring in Mathematics and Physics
Mentorat Releve
Mentoring programme X-Ment
MINERVA (W2) Programme/Max Planck Research Group Leaders
MinTU- Girls at the Technical University Dortmund
Mission Strategy FOM
Mobile emergency-supporting child care tool
Nawi-Lola- Learning in Laboratories for girls
No-cost Extensions
NWO Physics/f grants (former FOm/f) - Funding programme for female physicists
Observations in evaluation panels
Organisation of Gender Mainstreaming workshops and seminars
Parental leave with occupational activity - work time models
Parity-Based Committee on Questions of Gender Equality
Participatory Modeling
Performance-Based Funding
Permanent Presidential Committee 'Chances'
Ph.D. programme for female scientists
PhySch- Physics and School Teach-Learn-Laboratory
Physics Project Days - A Girls-Only Workshop
PiA- Physics in advent
PME Child Care Service
Post Career Break Fellowship
Post-doctoral award for women in science
PraktikumsInfoBörse- Internship database
Regulars' table at KIT
ROBERTA - Learning with robots
School competition “Women in Physics, stereotypes and gender bias”
Seminar: “Identifying, Developing and Keeping talented Persons”
Sign up! Career building programme for female postdocs
Site Visits
Springboard for Women in Business Initiative
Stakeholder Engagement
Subside Tremplin
Targets for women award holders and positive action
TeamUp - programme
Technology Needs Diversity - Technology Needs You!
The International Post-Doc Initiative - IPODI
Time Flexibility
Transitional Funding for Female Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers
Unconscious bias training
UniMento - cross-faculty mentoring programme
Website - Equal Opportunities
WiN Portal (Female scientists in the network)
Wolke 7 (“Cloud 9”) - Physics Club for Girls
Women in Physics LinkedIn
Women's promotion needs sustainability
Workshop Gender Sensitisation
Young Female Leaders in Science
Zdi-Campus - Girls try out STEM-fields

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